Promotional Video.

A promotional video for the CraicNCampers rental company in county Roscommon.

A beautiful weekend spent in the wicklow hills at the Kockonanstockon Festival , Celebrating music , dancing and all sorts of arts. Gleesons Visual Bakery tried to capture the craic and the relaxation of traveling and sleeping in style with The Bosco bus from craicincampers. We attempted to capture the experience by going down and dirty and filming the experience in action. What we where left with was a taste of the expierence one can get from taking one of these crackin Campers to a festival.

Produced by – Ciara Daly
Shot & Edited by Shane Reidy and Brian Gleeson

Special thanks to Knockanstockan Organizers, GoldenPlec and craic n Campers.

Hurdy Gurdy Production & Gleeson’s Visual Bakery


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