We built a Hackintosh.

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What is a hackintosh?

Building a hackintosh involves building a computer from parts and installing mac OSX on it. If you want to know more google it.

Why Build it?

My reasons are few and simple


My current system was being pushed to the limit. A sony voio laptop running windows 7 with a smart 8gb of ram. Several of my after effects compositions and several of my  3D renders where starting to push my system to its very limit. Renders and previews where beginning to take a lot longer than I was comfortable with. Technology had final caught up with me and I was falling behind. I was going to have to do this eventually.


I could build a pretty decent system at low cost. Simply put it would be quite expensive to buy a ready made system to the specs that I built my system to. See below for full costings.

I had the money

I came into a bit of money. Some people call it profit but that would imply you don’t owe anyone anything which simply doesn’t describe me. I made an executive decision that bills could wait and I need this system more than I need to eat or feed my dog. Sorry woofy. (Joke No dogs missed feeding due to the building of this system).

How did I do it?

While being fairly I.T savuy, I hadn’t a lot of experience playing with the innards of a computer. I installed a sound card once (ask your parents) I opened and playstation 1 and fixed it, but that was it. I have never done much else. For that reason I decide to go with tonymacx86 December 2013 build and follow lifehackers always up to date guide to building a hackintosh. You can customise your build to your hearts content but as I had little or no idea what I was doing I tried to follow in the footsteps of others instead of blazing my own path. At least for my first attempt.

I ordered all the parts from amazon.co.uk. The cost of every part on tonymacx86  list was about £1093.26 sterling. I say about because this includes postage and packing and V.A.T. which may differ in your area. I then spent another £345.59 on two 24″ screens, a set of speakers and wireless mouse and keyboard. AS little bit more than I need to one screen would be fine and wireless mouse and keyboard is just vanity but there you go I am vain.

In total it cost £1438.65 sterling or 1737.57 euro or $2349.89 U.S dollars.

The cost of the entire system including postage and packing. I forgot to include the keyboard, mouse and sound system in the image, but it is included in the price.


I won’t bore you with the entire process of my build. Instead I will give you my top tips for building a hackintosh.

My Top tips for building a hackintosh.

ITS ALIVE, A very happy moment in my life when it all came together.

  • Read the F£$$king Manual.This may seem a simple one and is even mentioned in one of the lifehacker tutorials. It is worth mentioning again. There where several tear my hair out moments that could of been avoided if I just read the instructions properly. That goes for the guide on lifehacker as well. In fact read the guide once the whole way through before you start.
  • Tripple check everything is plugged in correctly.The first time I plugged in my hackintosh and turned it one nothing happened. Nothing. Its a terrible feeling spending your hard earned money on something building it and then nothing. My heart sank and I though I had wasted it all. I hadn’t a clue what to do. I could google “my computer wont start” as that will get a pile of useless hits. I had a long hard look inside my machine. Lone and behold one of my stick of my 32gb of ram was not plugged in. (yes 32 GB). In fact 2 out of 3 sticks where not. I could of sworn these where in properly but you just never know. Check again if all else fails.
  • Dont PanicSage advice for us all. Its actually simple enough looking back now. Take your time and don’t panic and you should be fine.

All now, Now to push it to the limit.


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